SU Packs!

Cairo, Egypt, 18 Nov.- On the 18th of November 2018, the Student Union (SU) of the American University in Cairo (AUC) held their first segment of the packs distribution process for the students.

This event takes place biannually in order to show appreciation towards the students. Each major sets up their own booths around campus, dividing the students between booths depending on their major.  

“This year is different than most years because our goal was to cater to everyone’s interests and make sure they like most of the items they receive in their packs. Each person is different so we kept that in mind this year with our survey forms”, said Ali El Shazly, a head of the Psychology SU pack booth.

Each year, the SU holds an event to distribute welcome packs during the semester. This year, things were done a little differently. Along with the general packs distribution, each major held out a signup where you get to sign up for a customized pack!

On Sunday, the majors who held these signup sheets were Business, Psychology and Accounting. Students lined up to fill in the questionnaires to get their very own customized pack.

The concept of this is to let the people responsible know what you want to see in your packs in order to make sure the packs not only fulfill the students’ desires but meet their expectations as well.

There was some entertainment done in the plaza as well! A band was performing a song from the movie “The Greatest Showman”. The performance was stunning. Students were taking videos and even singing along.

In the midst of the show and excitement, a fight took place! It was between two camps from the SU. It started with a fight on the famous AUC group “Rate AUC Professors” and progressed into physical violence in the middle of the plaza.

“These fights between SU camps are very common. They usually happen during University elections, but we always make sure we are around in case of these surprising incidents”, says Mohammed Ismail, a security guard.

Students and security members gathered around to break it off and have done so with success.

Not 10 minutes later a marching band arrived to the scene clearing the air and restoring that feeling of excitement and essence of sportsmanship.

When it came down to how students felt about such an event, Laila Mardini, psychology major said “This is honestly a great idea!”. It was clear by the fact that the lines were increasing minute by minute that the students were very excited.

The event was also very organized as each major had their own booth in order to facilitate the process and smoothen the environment.

The following day was the day of packs distribution, students were very happy to see their suggestions being applied. Hence, it is safe to say that the second segment of the event was also a success.

Students are now very eager to see what the SU hold next for them as said by Jaydaa Karam, IMC major.

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