Everything About the Media

As a Mass Communication Major, learning about media is probably one of the most important elements. There are many advantages and disadvantages over media education at AUC for students like me. Some of the advantages involve the study of the history of media which helps us analyze and consciously observe the shift of the media throughout the years. This is very beneficial because it stimulates our critical thinking over many elements of the media. Another advantage is the assignments which usually involve a form of social media platform. This is really important because it helps students connect the information they have learnt with the platforms in order for them to realize how all the information apply in real. Yes, a disadvantage that I have realized is that the information taught about media is not always up to date as it could be. The media changes at a fast pace, especially social media so it would be nice to have some classes taught about the new social media platforms and how it has impacted the media today.


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