Sports at AUC

Sweaty palms. Racing heartbeats. Complete dedication. Utter concentration. An overwhelming feeling of joy. These are regular occurring moments and feelings found at the AUC Sports Complex amongst the AUC community who play sports.

The AUC Sports Centre offers over 10 sports facilities including basketball, volleyball and football. These facilities are open to all AUC undergraduates, alumni and outsiders–if signed up, and includes the sports equipment–if wanted. Many members of the AUC community like to take advantage of these facilities, as it is a perfect opportunity for health improvement.  

“I am so grateful that the university provides us with so many sports for us to play. Me and my friends like to play different sports regularly since its great entertainment and good for you,” said Malak Habib, an active AUC student.

Sports has been directly related to many benefits such as increasing physical strength and relieving stress, and many members of the community are encouraged to exercise for these benefits. These facilities are not only there for the sake of the sports teams’ use, it is also used to help students balance their educational life and physical life in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Many of the sports teams found at AUC travel nationally and internationally in order to compete against other teams. In the last year, they earned 26 medals in the national university tournament and eight medals at the Armenian College of Greece’s International Sports Festival. All sports teams travel as a collective to the international tournaments, as it offers a variety of sports, yet separately in the national tournaments.

“Traveling abroad is definitely a highlight for our sports year. It is a very fun and different experience but it also gets me and my team very dedicated and passionate about being the best we can be so we can do our best at these tournaments,” said Mustafa Roshdy, a member of the basketball team.

The most popular sports found at AUC are football and basketball due to Rugby’s shift from a sport to a club. “It used to be rugby, but now rugby is an AUC club not a sports team anymore–but now it’s basketball and football,” said Amira Farag, the Recreation and Wellness Manager at AUC.  Although you may find many students playing basketball and football, a numerous amount prefer rugby, yet are now facing difficulties due to their opportunities being taken away from them.

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Many teams, like rugby, are facing difficulties due to their forced shift from being a sport to a club. They now struggle to reserve the fields for practice and are revoked from the opportunity of competing abroad against other equally-skilled teams. This prevents them from gaining the full sports experience, which is an important aspect of sports since they are not given the right to reach their full potential.

Malak Hangal, an IMC and Business Major on the Frisbee Team, expressed her feelings regarding the issue saying, “they turned all of our sports teams into clubs and so they don’t give us much importance, and sometimes they don’t even open the lights for the stadium so it causes us difficulty rather than help.”

Hangal later expresses her desires on how things can be improved, which happens to be common amongst many students, saying, “I’d love for AUC to give us more importance and recognize our efforts and help us whether financially or in other ways.”

Not only that, but many have recognized that the facilities are not completely taken advantage of by the students. Although many may recognize the daily usage of these facilities, the people who use it are nearly a fraction of the entire AUC Community. Yet, many students have considered this something positive–in regards to never having usage issues.

“I love the fact that there is always a free court or field for us to play on. That makes playing sports so much easier and less stressful. There is always equipments and facilities for us to use and its usually never crowded,” said Habib.

Another issue that happens to be reoccurring when it comes to sports at AUC is the commitment issues the sports teams face with their members. Many of the members are not consistent with attending practices due to other circumstances, most commonly being practices at their club. This makes them consider the university practices as optional or extra which is a misconception.

“I want them to commit more to the sports practices–especially practices–because they used to practice in their club, they don’t come to the practices here at the AUC and we still need them to be here and to motivate the other freshmen students to be committed,” said Farag.

Although there may be minor issues regarding sports at AUC, the overall influence of the complex and facilities, on the AUC community, is very positive. The variety of facilities allows for the students to have various options and experiences to explore if desired.


Fun with Numbers!

Take a look at the data that was retrieved at the beginning of the semester about us students during class! These visual representatives should make the information easier and more interesting to grasp!


SU Packs!

Cairo, Egypt, 18 Nov.- On the 18th of November 2018, the Student Union (SU) of the American University in Cairo (AUC) held their first segment of the packs distribution process for the students.

This event takes place biannually in order to show appreciation towards the students. Each major sets up their own booths around campus, dividing the students between booths depending on their major.  

“This year is different than most years because our goal was to cater to everyone’s interests and make sure they like most of the items they receive in their packs. Each person is different so we kept that in mind this year with our survey forms”, said Ali El Shazly, a head of the Psychology SU pack booth.

Each year, the SU holds an event to distribute welcome packs during the semester. This year, things were done a little differently. Along with the general packs distribution, each major held out a signup where you get to sign up for a customized pack!

On Sunday, the majors who held these signup sheets were Business, Psychology and Accounting. Students lined up to fill in the questionnaires to get their very own customized pack.

The concept of this is to let the people responsible know what you want to see in your packs in order to make sure the packs not only fulfill the students’ desires but meet their expectations as well.

There was some entertainment done in the plaza as well! A band was performing a song from the movie “The Greatest Showman”. The performance was stunning. Students were taking videos and even singing along.

In the midst of the show and excitement, a fight took place! It was between two camps from the SU. It started with a fight on the famous AUC group “Rate AUC Professors” and progressed into physical violence in the middle of the plaza.

“These fights between SU camps are very common. They usually happen during University elections, but we always make sure we are around in case of these surprising incidents”, says Mohammed Ismail, a security guard.

Students and security members gathered around to break it off and have done so with success.

Not 10 minutes later a marching band arrived to the scene clearing the air and restoring that feeling of excitement and essence of sportsmanship.

When it came down to how students felt about such an event, Laila Mardini, psychology major said “This is honestly a great idea!”. It was clear by the fact that the lines were increasing minute by minute that the students were very excited.

The event was also very organized as each major had their own booth in order to facilitate the process and smoothen the environment.

The following day was the day of packs distribution, students were very happy to see their suggestions being applied. Hence, it is safe to say that the second segment of the event was also a success.

Students are now very eager to see what the SU hold next for them as said by Jaydaa Karam, IMC major.

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The Power of Photo-editing

This photo captures a very treasuring moment in my life. It was a trip I had take to Iceland and reminds me of all the beautiful, peaceful, and captivating moments that I was part of. Every time I look at this picture, I cant help but smile and feel nostalgic over all the great memories that I had made.


This image was taken during the California Wildfire of firefighter recovering a body of a camp-fire victim. This image portrays the dangerous and dramatic environmental changes of the fire, while highlighting the firefighters with their vibrant yellow clothes, portraying their importance during these hard times in California

Goodbye Garbage!

Dawar, a new technological application, is helping to improve the environmental state of Egypt with its new innovative plan. They do so by encouraging the help of all Egyptians in hopes to improve our environment! Check out the video below to find out more about the applications impact!


Dedication. Drive. Determination. These are all characteristics that define Taimour Othman. The 31-year old photographer’s passion for photography is what led him to explore Egypt and create local well-known campaigns; #thisisegypt, #roamegypt, and #cleanyourownmess.

His infatuation with photography began with the first camera phone, Nokia 7650, which eventually led into his father gifting him his own professional camera. This solidified his love for capturing photos. “I always want to document everything around me, I would walk around with my camera everywhere while going on trips and constantly snapping pictures everywhere.” said Othman.

In 2012, Othman created the hashtag #thisisegypt as a way to prove his friends wrong. “The hashtag was mainly dedicated to my friends living abroad that were always thinking that Egypt had nothing to offer.” Othman used photography as a tool to help break down the negative stereotypes about Egypt. “I wanna show people that we do have a lot here in Egypt because I have a lot of issues with media since it is not always what you see.”

After developing his digital skills and social media expertise, Othman developed a second campaign with the hashtag #roamegypt. His inspiration behind the campaign name came from a joke that was said on his trip to Siwa with a friend about turning off Othman’s data roaming on his phone. ALong with #roamegypt, Othman relaunched his first campaign #thisisegypt, which he could not previously claim as his own due to his lack of digital knowledge.

Inspired by his hobby of diving, his most recent campaign, #cleanyourownmess, took a more environmental approach by raising awareness about pollution. While on many of his diving expeditions Othman took notice of all the trash he saw in the sea and on the sea shores. This moved him to use his photography influence as a way to create a movement towards cleaning up litter. He encouraged Egyptians to go to shores and collect as much trash as possible and post pictures of their achievements on social media with the campaign hashtag. As the campaign grew, Othman noticed that cigarettes had a harsher environmental impact on the world than other forms of litter on the shores. Cigarette butts were especially harmful because of their long decomposing age. “We realized in this campaign that you can’t tell people what to do but you can try to give them incentives,” Othman explained. This inspired his idea of rewarding 20 participants with an original copy of his personal photographs as a way to encourage action and raise awareness about the issue.

Othman’s campaigns are mainly local because he believes that Egyptians are the ones that can capture Egypt’s true image and that professional photographers lack that motive. It gives a chance for the outside world to see Egypt through a different perspective; the local lens.

Through Othman’s passion and motivation he succeeded in turning a simple hobby into a life career that inspires and influences others.

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AUC Jazzes it up with the 10th Annual Cairo Jazz Festival

The 10th annual Cairo Jazz Festival (CJF) kicked off last night, Thursday Oct. 11, in The American University in Cairo (AUC), rounding up 20 different bands from 14 different countries to create the incredible four-day journey that is coming to life now.

“This year’s line-up is one that I’m most proud of. We worked really hard to get all of these distinctive musicians here today. We are bringing together diverse forms of jazz from all over the world onto one stage creating a massive cultural exchange,” says Mohamed Essam, the host of the event.

The main events are taking place in AUC’s largest theatre-style auditorium; The Bassily Auditorium, as well as a large open-air stage in the campus’ library garden. Additional late-night performances will be held in Cairo Jazz Club while more intimate, low-key performances will be hosted in Room Art Space. In celebration of their ten-year anniversary, CJF has also offered workshops, jam sessions, kids music programs, and a photo gallery showcasing the last ten years of CJF, in the Malak Gabr Theater in AUC.

Amro Salah, a pianist, composer and producer, created CJF in 2009 as a way to spread the art of jazz to more people, “not only as a musical genre, but as a life experience with its ideas, freedom of expression, and innovation,” he explained.

Bands from countries such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Syria, Morocco and Japan have flown all the way to Egypt to perform and watch each other. Locally, Egyptian stars and bands such as Nouran Abu Taleb, Cairo Steps and Hawidro will be showcasing their talents as well.

The festival gives a great opportunity for beginning Egyptian musicians and allows them to present their work internationally and to a wider audience as well as opening up the Egyptian community to a form of music that they are not so familiar with.

“This year’s Cairo Jazz Festival has been the best from what I’ve seen so far! Everything is very organized, the line-up for this year is crazy good, and everyone is just having a really good time! Honestly, the organizers did a great job. Hopefully the rest of the weekend is this good!” Ola Abdallah, music minor at AUC, said while inspiringly jamming out to her favorite France-based band, the Lynn Adib Quartet.

Syrian Lynn Adib Quartet took the stage. Including four France-based performers from different countries. Fady Farah from Lebanon, Maurizio Canguie from Italy and Luknil Perez from Cuba. “I was very impressed when I came across her work, she is a very talented singer and I am so honoured to have her with us this year,” said Essam. The Lynn Abid Quartet set featured both covers and original songs in many different languages including English, Arabic and Indian.

Be sure to grab some last-minute tickets for tomorrow’s shows and join in on a whole day filled with good music, good energy, and good company!

Everything About the Media

As a Mass Communication Major, learning about media is probably one of the most important elements. There are many advantages and disadvantages over media education at AUC for students like me. Some of the advantages involve the study of the history of media which helps us analyze and consciously observe the shift of the media throughout the years. This is very beneficial because it stimulates our critical thinking over many elements of the media. Another advantage is the assignments which usually involve a form of social media platform. This is really important because it helps students connect the information they have learnt with the platforms in order for them to realize how all the information apply in real. Yes, a disadvantage that I have realized is that the information taught about media is not always up to date as it could be. The media changes at a fast pace, especially social media so it would be nice to have some classes taught about the new social media platforms and how it has impacted the media today.


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